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LCR Service’s Engineering Department

There are a lot of cut and sew manufacturers out there, and choosing the right one to work with can be quite difficult. This is the reason why we are here to help you understand the basics and the important information you must keep in mind when working with them. Since there are a lot of contract manufacturers in the industry, they can be classified further on the types of materials and the products they provide for their customers.

What is a Cut and Sew Manufacturer?

Cut and sew manufacturers are contract manufacturers that can act as both a factory and a manufacturer that works with their clients depending on the specifications they provide. They cut and sew products with different types of materials according to your specifications and will aim to bring satisfaction according to your needs.

LCR Services is a cut and sew manufacturer based in Phoenix, Arizona USA. We are a minority-owned contract sewing company that works to provide premium and high-quality cushions that are tested to decrease acceleration, meet a variety of specifications and at the same, also provide comfort to the user.

Cut and sew manufacturers work to facilitate and consistently provide quality products for their clients. It basically means that you are choosing a specific garment and item to be cut and sewn by your manufacturer instead of you buying products that are commonly available in retail stores.

Sewing contractors work with their clients in order to develop and create products that are based on the ideas, patterns, and specific measurements they provide them. They usually use a sewing pattern that acts as a blueprint for the upcoming products that need to be created.

For clients that want their products to be made from scratch and wants to hire a cut and sew manufacturer, this benefits and allows them to maintain the originality of their product and at the same time they are guaranteed that their specifications and requirements will be delivered by the manufacturer accordingly.

How Do You Choose Your Cut and Sew Contract Manufacturer?

There are factors that you must consider before you decide which manufacturer you will work with. You must consider these factors because it may significantly affect the outcome of your products.


The final result of the quality of the products will depend on the way the manufacturers work. If you are planning to hire a cut and sew contract manufacturer based overseas, there is a high chance that it will be considerably cheaper than in the US, but the quality cannot be guaranteed.

US-based cut and sew manufacturers like LCR Services make sure to provide high-quality products especially when clients require a high volume of product. Aside from using high-quality, US grade materials, the outcome of the products are upheld with great value and there will be a reduced number of faults throughout the manufacturing process. Before you work with a specific company, make sure to reach out to them if you have more questions and you want information about their products that they have previously produced.

Customer relations and support

A company that is able to provide the best products but lacks adequate customer support may not be able to maintain their reputation. With the availability of different forums and blogs online, it is much easier to learn more about companies that you plan to work with.
If there are customers and clients that are not satisfied with how you provide customer service and communicate with them, there is a big possibility that you will not be able to maintain a consistent relationship with them, and word will definitely get out.

A company must always give importance to their customers. They will be able to provide their clients’ needs if they maintain regular communicating with them. If you are looking for a cut and sew contract manufacturer that is locally based, we highly recommend that you schedule a visit so that you can personally meet with them and see their facilities for yourself.

The growth of the business is directly proportional to the way they handle their relationships with their clients. If the client is satisfied with the products and is able to put his trust on the manufacturer, there is a high possibility that they will come back for more with their future transactions.

Minority Owned Contract Sewing Manufacture


A cut and sew contract manufacturer must be able to meet deadlines and deliver the best quality to their clients based on their specifications and needs. There is a specific timeline that must be observed in order to work efficiently from the start and end of the manufacturing process.

If you are considering transacting with an overseas manufacturer, there is a high potential for all kinds of problems that you can encounter along the way which could affect the deadline and the delivery time of your products. Here at LCR Services, we always make sure to work and communicate with our clients consistently. We always make it a point to follow the given timeline and deliver your products to the best of our ability.

Choosing a cut and sew contract manufacturer can be quite stressful at first, but as long as you trust the right company, you will be guaranteed that you are in good hands and they will safely deliver your product needs as per your specifications and requirements.

At LCR Services, our clients know and understand that we always work to provide great products even with a high volume request. If you want to know more information about our cut and sew services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our website, or give us a call at (602) 200-4277 today!