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The dictionary definition of tactical is an action or object used in immediate support of military or naval operations. On the other hand, the word gear means equipment used for a particular purpose.

Deducting from the definitions, Tactical Gears are pieces of equipment utilized for military or naval purposes. Indeed, this was true in the past when this type of gear was made to outfit the armed forces.

However, its meaning and purpose have expanded over time. Today, it no longer serves professional usage alone but has also paved its way into mainstream use. Recently, camouflage prints and multi-pocketed vests have been featured on several runways as a fashion statement.

Features of Tactical Gears

Why is tactical gear popular? Whether they are applied as apparel, accessory, or equipment, they became widely used because of military-inspired utility, endless versatility, and combat preparedness.  Each piece also boasts of functions or parts that serve a particular purpose with the following features:


Tactical clothes are made with highly durable fabric.  They are designed to take on harsh blows, various environments, and wear-and-tear. Typically worn outdoors, they are made with lightweight polyester or poly-cotton ripstop fabrics. They are specially sewn to ensure that they don’t rip apart when worn in hostile circumstances.


Clothing manufacturers try their best to make their products as comfortable as possible. Military apparel is no exception. In fact, tactical clothing producers go the extra mile to ensure comfort and eliminate possible irritation to their users.  Knowing their clothes are worn during strenuous and long-standing activities, the wearer must be able to focus on his mission rather than on any kind of irritation or distraction caused by his attire or any trappings he is carrying.


Any paraphernalia cannot be considered strategic if it limits your movement. At any cost, it shouldn’t be slowing you down. When choosing clothes, a good fit is paramount. Tactical garments are designed to offer an excellent and roomy fit. It widens your range of motion. Under multiple adverse conditions, it should allow your free and unbounded movement to survive whatever situation or activity you are in.

Color and Concealment

In some cases, stealth is essential.  Whether in a night hunt, actual combat, or a game of laser tag, the color of your gear will matter. Whether it’s a piece of garment or an accessory, it comes down to the color.  Black and other dark colors provide cover-up at night. Khaki, olive drab green, and camouflage patterns help you blend in with the environment. This concealment puts you at an advantage over your opponents.


Pockets are a handy feature of any kind of clothing. This feature delivers a convenient way of carrying things with you. Pouches, pockets, and holsters serve as overt or covert storage for the weapons of law enforcement and military members. Civilians utilize these compartments for their car keys, cellphones, or just their hands.

Tactical Gear for Both Professional and Civilian Use

Military men, law enforcement officers, armed forces personnel, and civilians like outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, campers, hikers, and extreme sports participants require high-quality tactical gear. These include:


Combat and military t-shirts provide protection to the neck and body. Most are made with lightweight materials for comfort and breathability. They can have visible and invisible pockets that you can use to store tiny objects such as pens, badges, and phones. Some are made with insulation against the cold, and some with flame resistance to protect you from dangerous elements.


Bullet-proof vests may be the most popular vest among military men. It serves as their body armor that can protect them from assault or accidental harm. Outside the scope of these hazards, there is the utility vest.  This type of vest has multiple deep compartments to help you sort and carry the items you need.


Pants are made with thick belt loops that can support utility belts carrying heavy equipment. Buttocks and knee areas are also thickened to protect them from abrasion. A special kind of stitching is used to reinforce its durability. Deep pockets and holsters are incorporated to let you keep the things you need close to you at all times.


Tactical gloves have pressure point padding and a special lining to protect from potential injuries when these are used to contact extreme environments and weather conditions. Most gloves of this type are reinforced with thermoplastic rubber.


Military boots are built from premium leather or ballistic cordura nylon. These materials can be used day in and day out without breaking or losing integrity. Breathability and waterproofing put this type of boots’ edge over your run-in-the-mill footwear.


Backpacks are an integral part of a tactical outfit. They provide the best way to transport and protect your belongings and other equipment you need for your job. Typically roomy and with an excellent internal organization, these bags also possess padding to add protection to your weapon, devices, and other gizmos. They can be water-repellant with plenty of loops and straps, so you can securely attach them to yourself.  This lessens the drag and weight, so you don’t quickly get tired carrying it on your hike.

Belts and Holsters

If you need to get things easily and swiftly, it is best to put them in a holster or attach them to your belt.  This is true for the weapons used by the military and law enforcers.  On the other hand, a camper can put his flashlight in it and a hiker, his water bottle.


Compared to your everyday watch, a tactical watch has many useful features for an active lifestyle.  Most are watertight.  Some can even measure your biometrics and vitals.  These features prove crucial when you go out on a race or hunt.

A tactical torch or flashlight is another helpful tool that a professional or civilian can carry.  It can be used for self-defense or as a lighting device at night. Tactical knives are first on the list when talking about easy-to-carry weapons.  Whether they come in straight or foldable types, they are easily concealable.  It can be a significantly valuable tool for either a law enforcer or a camper.

Part of a full tactical gear is the firearm. Whether you are a professional or a civilian, utmost care is required when carrying any firearm. The majority of the states in America require any person to secure a permit to carry a loaded, concealed handgun in public.

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