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Is your car old and the interior damaged? Is your car roof liner sagging? Old and new cars may experience faulty roof liner installation. There is no need for you to worry! LCR Services is the company to choose. We can create and customize your car roof liner according to your specifications. Avoid DIY projects for your car and allow the professionals to do their thing! With this article, we will be discussing the importance of a car roof liner.

What is a Car Roof Liner?

A car roof liner is the material that covers the ceiling of a car. It is usually made from polyurethane; this material is perfect for adhering to the roof of the car. A fabric, leather or vinyl is used as a covering for the foam material and it is made with soft fabric and offers a great aesthetic effect on the car.

The car roof liner is one of the aspects of the car that makes it cozy and comfortable for the car owner. This is what is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the car interior, especially on hot summer days.

Roof liner cover
A car roof liner is made up of the following:

1. Hardened Backing

This is usually made from fiberglass or any fibrous board created and molded into shape for car use.

2. Foam

This foam layer is attached to the hardened backing with glue.

3. Roof liner cover

This material is the exposed part of the roof liner. It is attached to the thin layer of foam with glue.

The roof liner cover is usually manufactured as a one piece item and when if it becomes damaged or falls apart, it is a must for it to be replaced completely.
Importance of A Car Roof Liner

What is the Purpose of a Car Roof Liner?

Protects from extreme temperatures

The car roof liner keeps the temperature inside the car from rising and falling too drastically. During extreme summer days and winter days, the temperature of the exterior of the car can be quite dangerous, and having a roof liner can keep the driver and their passengers safe.

Dampens the sound

The car roof liner can absorb and reduce the sound that enters the car.

Creates a finished look

A car roof liner is also important when considering its aesthetic effect on the car’s interior.

Other uses

This can also be used to suspend devices on the car’s ceiling, such as Bluetooth microphones or dome lights.

What Are the Important Aspects to Consider for a Car Roof Liner Replacement?

2. Materials used

Materials used for a car roof liner must also be considered for its sturdiness and other important properties.

A car roof liner is usually the part of the car that receives little to no attention. Far too often, it is neglected and falls into disrepair rather quickly due to the lack of attention. The exposed part of the roof liner is porous and it can absorb and retain dirt, odors, and smoke.

When cleaning the roof liner, it is a must to proceed with extreme care and caution because it can be easily damaged. If you’re in the market for a specific kind of car roof liner, make sure to get your customized car roof liner from LCR Services!

Are you searching for a cut and sew manufacturer for your car’s roof liner replacement? This is the right place for you! LCR Services has an excellent track record of producing customized cut and sew products, tailored to our clients’ needs.

Please let us know how we can help you create and customize your car roof liner according to your specifications. Contact us if you have questions, inquiries or if you want to discuss your projects with us. Give us a call at 602-200-4277 or send us an email at We look forward to working with you soon!