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What Do Police Officers Put in Their Gear Bags?

Police officers spent most of their time patrolling the neighborhoods and cities. This means that they will probably encounter different types of situations while they are on duty. Hence, you must carry all the essential things that you need in your gear bag. Having the right gear on your bag can make you feel comfortable and can make your job easier. It could even save your life or the life of other people.

What to Look for When Selecting a Gear Bag

First, you have to examine the material of the gear bag. You want it to be durable. This means that you don’t need to worry if the things inside can get damaged. Be sure to choose a bag that is made of polyester or entirely made of ballistic nylon.

This can ensure that it won’t be easily torn apart and can last longer. This type of fabric is also water-resistant and can withstand abrasion so you can be sure that your equipment and devices are well protected. If the area that you live in is prone to bad weather, then you need a gear bag that is made of water-resistant nylon.

Choose a bag that has a tough design to keep your gear safe all the time. Having additional padding can also provide you with additional protection. It would be easier to clean a bag if it has a nylon lining. If you have to store a lot of items, then your bag must have different compartments, pouches, and pockets. This can help you organize your things properly. There are even bags that have specific pockets for cellphones, water bottles, and other stuff.

So, where are you going to place your bag? On the front seat, back seat or in the trunk? Placing them on the front seat can help you in easily retrieving the gear that you need. There are even bags that are specifically designed to be placed on the passenger seat. They come with upper panels to keep your bag safe and secure. Also, it will be easier for you to reach your things. However, if your bag is quite big, then you have to place it in the trunk.

What to Look for When Selecting a Gear Bag

The next thing to consider is how are you going to carry your bag. If you store several items in your bag, then it will be very heavy for you to carry. Hence, you should look for a bag that has an adjustable shoulder strap. In this way. It will not be difficult for you to lift.

The last and the most important thing to consider is the size of your bag. There are a variety of available sizes. You can either choose a small and compact bag or a huge bag. Before making your decision, you have to think about the things that you will be carrying in your bag.

What Should You Carry in Your Gear Bag?

The stuff that you want to include in your bag will depend on your preference. First, you have to consider the possible situations that you might encounter in your day-to-day activities. Then, consider the gear that might be beneficial during these circumstances.

Always consider the “what ifs” so you are well-prepared when these situations will occur. Also, think about the environment wherein you are operating. Are you working in an area where it is extremely hot or cold? This can help you determine the type of gear that you need to carry on your bag.

On the other hand, if you include every gear in your bag, then it will be very heavy for you to carry. So, while you are considering the gear that you need in every situation, you must also consider the things that might not be very essential. The device that you carry must be heavy duty so that it can keep you and the other people safe when emergencies occur.

Some items that you might want to carry in your gear bag are flashlight, binoculars, bottled water, extra batteries, extra radio, bandages, notebook, pen, pencil, extra underwear, extra socks, small digital camera, knife, and medicines. If you are wearing glasses, then it might be useful to bring an extra pair. The most important thing is you should have extra ammunition.

Having a high-quality bag packed with the proper gear is very essential in your daily life as a police officer. LCR Services manufactures durable gear bags for police officers and military personnel. They can also support high volumes. For more information, just call them at 602-200-4277 or send them an email at