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If you’re in need of commercial seating solutions and you’re located in Phoenix, Arizona, look no further than LCR Services. We specialize in manufacturing high-volume cut-and-sew products, including seating solutions. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the various types of commercial chairs. Keep reading to learn more.

When selecting chairs for a room, the choice often hinges on the overall style and theme of the space. Below, we’ll outline the different types of commercial chairs and their respective uses.

Gaming Chairs

Gamers often spend long hours playing video games, making comfort a priority. Unlike regular office chairs, gaming chairs are specifically designed to provide the necessary support for extended gaming sessions. They offer proper lumbar and neck support, allowing gamers to maintain a comfortable posture for hours on end.

Regular office chairs are designed to support the spine against gravity, but prolonged sitting can lead to poor posture. Gaming chairs address this issue by preventing slouching and promoting ergonomic comfort, making them ideal for extended use.

Rocking Chairs (Aram Chairs)

Also known as Aram chairs, rocking chairs feature two curved bands attached to the legs, allowing for a soothing rocking motion. Popular among both adults and children, these chairs provide a relaxing experience reminiscent of being gently rocked to sleep, making them perfect for unwinding and relaxation.

Wooden Folding Chairs

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, wooden folding chairs offer versatility and convenience, making them a practical addition to your furniture collection.

Lounge Chairs

Also referred to as long chairs or recliners, lounge chairs are specifically designed for relaxation and leisure, providing a comfortable spot for unwinding after a long day.

Bar Chairs

Commonly known as bar stools, these chairs feature a footrest for added comfort. With their elevated height and ergonomic design, bar chairs are ideal for use with high tables typically found in bars and pubs.

Student Chairs

Designed for educational environments, student chairs are often sold in sets and come in standard colors such as blue, green, red, or white, providing a functional seating solution for classrooms.

Restaurant Chairs

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is essential for restaurants and dining establishments. In addition to offering delicious food, attention to furniture is crucial.

Options range from single sofa chairs to fiber, steel, or wooden dining chairs, each contributing to the overall ambiance. Bar stool chairs are also popular for bar counters, designed to ensure comfortable seating for patrons at the appropriate height.

Metal Chairs

Suitable for restaurants, metal chairs are crafted from durable materials, ensuring longevity and resilience. Available in various shapes and sizes, these chairs feature metal frames that can be painted in a variety of colors to prevent chipping. Additionally, metal is fire-resistant, and the seats can be upholstered with durable fabric to withstand regular use.

Wood Chairs

Adding a touch of elegance and warmth, wooden chairs are a popular choice for upscale dining establishments. They contribute to a classic ambiance and are constructed from sturdy wood that remains unaffected by fluctuating temperatures. The seats are often made from durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Aluminum Patio Chairs

For outdoor dining spaces, aluminum patio chairs are a practical choice. Resistant to weather conditions, lightweight, and eco-friendly, these chairs are easy to clean and offer a rustic look that can complement synthetic fabric. Due to its durability, aluminum is a preferred material for outdoor restaurant furniture.

Upholstered Restaurant Chairs

High-end restaurants prioritize customer comfort by opting for upholstered dining chairs. These chairs can be customized with high-quality upholstery materials, colors, patterns, and designs to create a luxurious seating experience for patrons.

To refresh the restaurant’s aesthetic, consider incorporating new chair covers. Given that restaurant chairs are susceptible to stains from food and beverages, it’s essential to use materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Beauty Parlor Chairs

Commonly found in beauty parlors and salons, these chairs are designed to offer comfort and satisfaction to customers awaiting their turn.

Parlor Chairs

Typically associated with American and Victorian homes during colonial times, parlor chairs symbolize the wealth and status of a family.

Salon Chairs

Constructed with a heavy-duty metal frame and padded seat, salon chairs feature a high-density sponge covered in synthetic leather, known as PU leather. Designed with ergonomics in mind, these chairs allow users to recline comfortably and rest their legs on the footrest.

Beach Chairs

Comprising a foldable metal or plastic frame with a canvas seat and back, beach chairs are commonly found in beach areas, by poolsides, in shops, and yards.

Recliner Chairs

Designed for reclining, these chairs provide users with the opportunity to relax and take a nap, offering comfort and relief.

What are the Different Types of Chairs Suitable for Commercial Use?

  • Side Chairs: Among the most prevalent in commercial settings such as restaurants, kitchens, or other commercial properties, side chairs are standard seating options without armrests.
  • Arm Chairs: Distinguished by their armrests, arm chairs vary in frame style, affecting how the arms are integrated into the chair’s design, typically connected to the backrest and seat.
  • Parson Chairs: Introduced to the market in the 1930s, Parson chairs prioritize comfort and functionality while eschewing excessive ornamentation. Featuring clean lines and upholstered seats, they offer versatile seating solutions for various venues.

What to Consider When Choosing Commercial Chairs

With numerous restaurant chairs available on the market, it’s essential to consider the following factors before selecting the material and style of your chairs:

  • Indoor or Outdoor Use: Determine whether the chairs will be used indoors or outdoors to ensure they are suitable for the intended environment.
  • Style and Design Compatibility: Consider which chair style or design will complement the current theme of your commercial space to maintain aesthetic harmony.
  • Property Ambiance: Evaluate whether your commercial property conveys a casual or high-end atmosphere to select chairs that align with the overall ambiance.
  • Space Availability: Take into account the available space in your property to ensure the chosen chairs fit comfortably without overcrowding the area.
  • Clientele Preferences: Understand your clientele base and their preferences, whether they consist of adults, the younger generation, or a diverse mix of demographics.
  • Long-Term Plans: Consider how often you plan to update or change the appearance of your commercial space to select chairs that offer flexibility for future modifications.

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