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One of the questions that you will probably ask yourself as a car owner is whether or not seat covers are worth it to buy. If you think so, then you may be wondering what type of seat covers you should be buying to meet your needs. Keep in mind that not all seat covers are created the same, nor do they have the same fit for all cars. This is especially true when you are trying to compare universal seat cover to custom seat cover.

The main purpose of seat covers is to provide protection to your seats. However, you want to ensure that you are ordering a quality product that can do this. Whether you are ordering universal or custom seat covers, there are some important things that you should consider before deciding.

Can All Seat Covers Fit in Different Cars?

It is very important to think about the fit of custom seat covers versus universal seat covers. So, what is the big deal with custom-made seat covers? It is a common assumption that all car seat covers are universal and that any car seat cover you buy can be used for your car. You may find that there are cheap seat covers out there that are labeled as one size fits all. Can these seat covers fit in the seats of my vehicle? In a few specific cases, the answer could be yes. Sometimes, the answer could be a maybe. But mostly, the answer is generally no. The following are the reasons why:

Universal seat covers are created to fit as several vehicles as possible. However, if you think about the wide range of vehicles out there, then you may realize that it’s quite impossible to have a car seat cover that can fit in all these vehicles. That is why, in most instances, universal seat covers are not capable of providing an overall perfect fit, which defeats its purpose of protecting your seats. If it does not have a great fit, then there is a tendency that the original upholstery might still get exposed.

Interestingly enough, nowadays, universal seat covers can only fit in a few types of vehicles. This is because trucks and cars are now being redesigned, and the shape of seats is not standardized anymore. In other words, one size fits all seat covers will not work anymore. These non-standard seats need custom products. Generally, when it comes to universal seat covers, you get what you pay for. The fact is, most of them do not have the best ratings. In customer reviews, you will notice that they only have 1 or 2-star ratings. This can either be because they don’t fit or do not stay on the seats well, which is a common issue for any item that is marketed as one-size-fits-all.

When you buy a universal seat cover, you may find yourself playing the guessing game of whether or not the universal cover fits well with your vehicle. If it does not, then, unfortunately, there is not much that you can do. You can either return them or try to use them along with a temporary makeshift strapping system. In this case, there is one thing that you can be sure of, no matter how great the universal fit seat cover looks, it won’t conform to your seats. In some instances, even if the seat cover is made specifically for your vehicle, then it might not fit perfectly as well.

Custom seat covers provide you with a guaranteed fitting, which is better protection for your seat. On the other hand, universal seat covers that are bought off the shelf do not have this same guarantee. Custom seat covers are guaranteed to fit the seats of the model, year, and make of the vehicle that you are ordering for. Hence, it is important to check if you have made the correct order. If you need some help in figuring your vehicle’s specifications, then you can do some research on the internet.

Additionally, you can stop scratching your head wondering how to fit a universal seat cover better when they probably won’t. Ordering custom seat covers can give you peace of mind knowing that the product that you ordered can fit into the shape of your seat accurately so that your seat can be well protected. If you read reviews on the web, you can see that custom seat covers fit better than universal seat covers.

So, instead of asking yourself whether or not seat covers can fit all cars, the right question to ask is what kind of seat cover will best fit your car. If you choose to buy cheap car seat covers, then most likely, you will also be getting a cheap fit. Essentially, custom seat covers can give you a better fit and guarantee that your car seats are fully protected.

Are High-Quality Materials Used for Universal Car Seat Covers?

It is very important to consider the wear and longevity of car seat covers. When comparing universal and custom seat covers, the actual wear can be a big factor. When it comes to universal car seat covers, you get what you pay for. When you choose the cheaper ones, there are greater chances that the material being used is not of the highest quality. Some customers complained that they have tried different varieties of store-bought seat covers, but unfortunately, none of them fit well. Additionally, the materials being used were not good.

This is one of the reasons why several drivers end up choosing custom fit after trying out several universals. High-quality custom-fit seat covers are created from automotive-grade materials which are highly formulated with UV protection. So, you can guarantee that your car seat cover won’t fade after using it for a few months. Obviously, choosing a more durable custom-fit material can provide you with a higher level of wear. No matter what material you choose, you can always ensure that custom seat covers have guaranteed quality. Since they are made of automotive-grade material, you can be sure that you are buying quality accessories that can last for your vehicle. However, the same cannot be guaranteed with cheap seat covers.

Are All Seat Covers Compatible with All Car Safety Features?

When driving, it is always important to consider your safety. If you are fortunate enough to have universal car seat covers that fit well with your seats, then you should also make sure to check if they have Side Airbags in them. What are side airbags? In North America, you can find that most of their vehicles include this as standard equipment. Be sure to read the product information carefully to ensure that the cover is completely compatible with your airbags. Most of these universals do not include stitching alterations which are important for allowing the airbag to safely deploy via the seat covering it. 

One of the major disadvantages of universal seat covers is that they do not have front-side airbags as well as back split function. As a result, in case of accidents, the crash safety measures in your seats might not deploy appropriately. If ever you are buying universals, then be sure to some information which describes whether they are compatible or not.

The best way to prevent this problem altogether is to choose custom seat covers. They are designed to fit with vehicles that include side-mounted airbags. Reputable seat cover manufacturers and companies are aware of what type of vehicles include side-impact airbags and will do the essential alterations needed. Some seat cover websites have a particular section wherein you are asked to choose between yes and no for Side Airbags.

It is required that you choose an answer before you can proceed. In some cases, there are websites that automatically add the proper alteration once they know that your vehicle comes with standard Side Airbags. This means that they have done the research for you which is great if you have no idea whether your vehicle has Side Airbags. However, if you really want to know whether you have them or not, then you can do some research online.

You can have peace of mind knowing that custom seat covers are absolutely airbags safe. The government does not really require side-impact and rollover airbags; however, they are provided, either as a standard or optional feature by most vehicle manufacturers. That is why it is important that you must carefully read the manual of your vehicle and search for SRS. Or you can look for a Side Air Bag located in certain spots such as the door panel, the side of the seatback, or the overhead roof rail. The best thing to remember is that if your vehicle has Side Airbags, then universals might not be worth purchasing.

The bottom line is that seat covers worth buying. And should you go for universal seat covers? We hope that this guide has helped you in answering these questions. Although we cannot entirely say that universal seat covers are worth it, however, there are great advantages that you can enjoy if you choose to buy custom seat covers. They are a high-quality product, come with a fit guarantee, and do not cause any safety concerns. Hence, in this aspect, custom seat covers are worth it.

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