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Car spare tire covers are essential for protecting your spare tire and keeping it in top condition so that you can use it whenever you need it. If you’re searching for car spare tire covers, look no further. At LCR Services, we will be sharing a blog post that covers everything you need to know about car spare tire covers. If you find this information useful, be sure to keep reading to learn more.

Spare tires are often located under the floorboard, cargo area, or rear of a vehicle. In off-road cars or SUVs, they are often housed inside a donut. Spare tire covers are important because they protect the spare tire from damage caused by weather and other environmental factors.

The Importance of Spare Tire Covers for Protecting Your Car

Spare tire covers will protect the spare tires from harsh weather disturbances. Sunlight, UV rays, extreme heat, and moisture can damage the spare tire, especially when mounted on the exterior part of the car. The spare tire will not have protection against weather disturbances and harsh climates. If it does not have a cover, the spare tire will become damaged so you won’t be able to use it when you need a spare tire if one of the tires becomes flat. A spare tire cover will keep your spare tire protected and safe. 

Several factors can also affect the integrity of your spare tire. A spare tire cover can protect it against dirt, dust, strong winds, rain, and extreme heat. These factors can be harmful to the quality of the rubber and the sidewall of the spare tire. 

Spare tire covers will prevent your spare tire from being stolen or lost. Car thieves usually target the parts of the car that is easy to take; a perfect example is the spare tire because it is exposed in the exterior part of the car. Car thieves commonly steal the spare tire of the car. A spare tire cover, especially a hard cover, can keep your spare tire safe and secured. If you live in a sketchy neighborhood, a spare tire cover is highly recommended for you to use. 

The spare tire cover can also be used as a styling accessory for your car. It is available in many styles and designs, and you can personalize it to suit your taste. 

What Are the Two Different Types of Spare Tire Covers?

  • Hard cover – The hard cover version of spare tire covers is usually made from strong materials like hard plastic or stainless steel. It usually consists of a round ring and a faceplate. The hard cover provides better security than soft covers. It can also add a rugged appearance to the car. It costs a lot more than a soft cover. 
  • Soft cover – The soft cover is a fast way to protect your spare tire against harsh environmental factors. It is easy to install and easy to clean. It comes in different designs. It is usually made from materials like soft vinyl, polyester, or nylon. You can opt for a higher quality soft cover that has thicker layers thus providing better protection to your spare tire. Soft covers are cost-effective and protect your spare tire. 

How to Choose a Spare Tire Cover

  • Tire size – One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a spare tire cover; you must check the correct tire size so it will fit the size of your car’s spare tire. You can also check the tire specifications by looking at the code on the tire wall. 
  • Materials – The spare tire cover are available in two types: hard cover and soft cover. The hard cover is usually made of hard plastic or steel. The soft cover is usually made of vinyl, nylon, or polyester. 
  • Interior layer – Spare tire covers have an inner lining that provides another layer of protection for the tire and it is also responsible for keeping the tire in place. High-quality tire covers are made of fleece to protect the tire from extreme temperatures and other external factors than can damage it. 
  • Warranty – When purchasing tire covers you must also check if they come with a warranty. This will assure the buyers they will have peace of mind when they avail of a spare tire cover. 

What Are the Tips to Consider When Using a Spare Tire Cover?

  • If you notice that your spare tire cover is showing signs of damage or degrading, you must replace it with a new one. It must be durable so it will provide the best protection for your spare tire. 
  • The hard cover must be tightly fit so the spare tire won’t be moving around when the car is moving. 
  • Check the spare tire cover regularly to ensure that the spare tire is protected against moisture and other factors that can damage it. If you see signs of moisture, mold, or mildew, you must replace the spare tire cover immediately with a new one.
  • You must choose a spare tire cover that is easy to clean. You must clean it regularly so it will last longer. You must avoid using an abrasive cleaner as it can damage the spare tire cover and the spare tire itself. 
  • When keeping your car in storage, you must use slipcovers to keep it protected from dust.
  • You can go for spare tire covers made from nylon and other cheaper products if you have a limited budget. 
  • Spare tire covers made from polyester and vinyl are more durable and can last longer. 
  • If you prefer durable and long-lasting spare tire covers, you must search for those that are applied with coatings to increase their water resistance, durability, protection against UV light, and corrosion. Weather sealing is preferred by car owners living in areas with extreme climates because they experience intense wet or weather conditions.
  • You must also consider how the spare tire cover straps to the spare tire and make sure it is secured before you go for a long drive. 

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