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How to Fix Sagging Roof Liners

Most vehicle owners and drivers are more concerned about the external parts of their vehicle such as the tires and the body. However, as time passes, the interior part of the vehicle can also experience wear and tear. Oftentimes, these things are just ignored until its already too late. Repairing the car’s interior can be very challenging.

Sagging roof liners can look very ugly. The roof liners will tend to stretch across the ceiling due to heat, moisture, and age. This can likely occur if your vehicle uses a sunroof wherein the moisture can get inside.

Tips on How to Repair your Sagging Roof Liners

One of the simplest ways to repair your sagging roof liners is to reattach it again. It is easier to fix if there are only small portions that are detached. The best way to evenly reattach the roof liner is to use spray-on glue. Always check if the product is specially made for affixing the upholstery fabric of a car. Make sure that it is sturdy enough so it can withstand any damage caused by temperature and weather conditions.

There are other ways of sticking the fabric back to its place, such as the use of pins, staples, and tape. However, these are not guaranteed that it can last longer, especially if the foam padding inside the roof liners is already damaged. Additionally, if you will use spots of glue, then most likely it can stain your fabric. To completely solve this problem, you have to spend some time, money, and effort on it.

The first thing that you have to do is to fully remove the ceiling. In this way, you will be aware of the condition of the foam padding underneath. This can help you determine if it’s fine to reattach it again or if you have to purchase a new one to replace it.

As much as possible try to remove the liner so it won’t look messy. To eliminate the ones that are left, you have to use a wire brush. Purchase a light fabric and cut it based on the shape of your ceiling. Be sure to leave some extra inches on the edges. Affix it on the ceiling by using an adhesive spray. Ensure that the fabric is flattened across the liner. Afterward, reattach the liner or install a new one.

Tips on How to Repair your Sagging Roof Liners

If you think that you can’t do it, or if this is just too much for you, then you can let a professional do it. Take your car to a car shop that is capable of repairing your roof lines. Keep in mind that getting it repaired professionally can be costly than doing it yourself. If you want to do it by yourself, then just follow these step by step instructions. Fixing the sagging lining is quite simple and it will only take a few hours to do it. By using simple tools, your roof liners can look new again.

Step One

Always open all the doors of your vehicle during the repair. In this way, the strong smell of the contact cement glue will not remain inside. Without sufficient ventilation, you might suffer from a terrible headache.

Step Two

Check the roof liner carefully. Aside from sagging, examine if there are any holes. Be sure to fix the holes first before making any adjustments to the liner. Sew the hole on the inside to hide the seam.

Step Three

When working, do it in small steps. You can begin at the back of your car. Use a brush in applying the glue. Push the roof liner until it sticks. You can use clamps to keep it in place.

Step Four

Always work in small portions until you reach the other end of the car. Cut the excess liner and let the glue dried up for a day.

Step Five

On the next day, examine the roof liner and check if it needs more glue so it can stay in place. Be sure that the glue won’t get into your fingers. Once it dries up, it can bond your fingers together and it will be hard to break.

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