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How to Choose Soft Tops and Bikini Tops
One of the best features of a Jeep (Wrangler) is you’ll get the chance to take the top off so you can enjoy the great outdoors, especially during the summertime. You’ll be able to breath fresh air while driving. However, there are also times that you need to cover your jeep with a soft top, bikini top, or a hard top. This is essential when there is heavy rain, too much heat from the sun, long-term storage, long travels, and others.

But how do you know which top is the best for you? How can you switch between a soft top and a hard top? What kind of materials should you choose? To help you decide which top is more suitable for you, you need to determine your needs. Here are your options.

Select Your Jeep Tops

Soft Tops

The two categories for soft tops are full coverage and half tops (also known as bikini tops). There are lots of options within each category. A full coverage soft top is somewhat the same as a hard top. It consists of a frame, windows, as well as covers for the top and the sides. Sometimes frames are not included to create a softer look. The latest version of full coverage tops has less flapping and noise. It has excellent seals to prevent the rain, wind, sunlight, and snow from coming in.

Full coverage soft tops can cover the driver as well as the front and rear passengers. It also includes windows.

Half tops can only cover the driver and the front passenger. Take note that windows are not included. Some variations include a Sunrider panel so some fresh air and sunlight can come in.

Bikini style tops are quite similar to half tops. It can cover the driver as well as the front passenger, but there is no cover behind the front seats. When combined with a hardtop and a sunroof, bikini tops can be turned into a sunscreen.

Soft Tops


Curtains can also be a great addition to your bikini top. It is usually placed between the front and the rear seats. Curtains can provide some air flow while minimizing the wind, dust, and debris that will come in. If you have your pets traveling with you, then you can add a pet hammock, which is just like a curtain. It can make your pet feel comfortable and provide the shade that they need while traveling.

Deck Covers

If you want to protect your stuff on the deck, then you should add a deck cover along with your bikini top and curtain. By combining your bikini top with a curtain and a deck cover, the driver, passengers, and the cargo deck can be completely protected.


Doors can be a great addition to your Jeep. Even if you remove them completely, the soft top will be just fine. Doors can provide you with additional protection, however, you have to ensure that its design will match the style of your soft top or hard top. You can choose to buy two sets of doors, one for your soft top and one for your hard top. You can also purchase a conversion kit which works well on both.


Soft tops are very easy to install, it can be done by a single person. It can be installed or removed without drilling or using any type of special tools. Keep in mind that the size may vary depending on the make and model as well as the dimension of your Jeep. Hence, you have to check it carefully before you buy.

Typically, the hardware is included with the top that you purchase. But if you have bought a used Jeep, then some parts might be missing. But no need to worry, since its hardware can be bought anywhere.

There are times that you want to completely cover the interior of your Jeep. Perhaps you are having an extended vacation and you want to keep it safe. If you have completely removed the hard top of your Jeep, then you can always purchase a cover to protect its interior. There’s no need of buying a complete set of the soft top system.

Whether you want to buy a full coverage soft tops and bikini tops, make sure that it is made of high-quality material. At LCR Services, you can always assure that our products are made from superior materials.
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