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Soldiers at war rely on their armor and their military vehicles to protect them from possible roadside bombs. LCR Services is a valued manufacturer of the US Military Forces and we make sure to provide the best quality and effective blast attenuating seats to deliver protection and prevent possible injuries to our military forces that can be caused by roadside blasts and explosions.

Blast attenuating seating cushions are a vital part of military ground vehicles. These seats have an important role to protect the soldiers inside the vehicle and help prevent possible injuries that can be caused by explosions, crashes, and other blast events that may occur any time they are on the battlefield.

LCR Services is a trusted manufacturing facility that provides the United States Military with their Blast attenuating seating cushions that are commonly found in their military ground vehicles. Here we will explain exactly how these seating cushions work.

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How do blast attenuating seating cushions work?

These seats are not like ordinary seats; these are made with advanced technology. There is a stroking mechanism that allows the seats to help increase the survivability of the occupants of a military ground vehicle if an accident may occur.

The blast attenuating seats’ stroking mechanism feature works to assist and absorb energy, which can be caused by an impact, collision, explosions, or any blast events. These seats will provide the soldiers with protection from a possible neck, spinal, or other injuries that can be fatal from bomb explosions

How is the energy blast from explosions absorbed by the blast attenuating seats?

The vehicle frame has the ability to absorb the impact of the energy blast from the explosions. The airframe and the affected surface absorb some of the energy from the blast. The blast attenuating seats protect the occupant and mitigate the possible injuries with the help of the stroking mechanism.

What are the features you must look for blast attenuating seats?

There are features that must be considered when manufacturing blast attenuating seats, and here are some of them:


This is the most crucial feature that must not be taken for granted, as without it, using these types of seats is a waste of time and will not prevent injuries or save lives in case an explosion or blast occurs.

Interior fit

This feature is also important as the interior space of a military vehicle is often limited, and the available space must be utilized accordingly. The size and the height of the military vehicle must also be considered before starting the manufacturing process of the seat cushions in order to accommodate the stroking mechanism effectively.


This feature is also important to make sure that the users of these blast attenuating seats are not only protected but are also comfortable. Here at LCR Services, we specialize in manufacturing blast attenuating seat cushions that have the ability to absorb the energy blast from an IED, mine, or any roadside explosions.

Operational and functional

This feature is a must for blast seats; the functionality of the products makes it effective in preventing possible injuries that can be caused by blasts. LCR Services is known for producing effective blast seat cushions to reduce acceleration by absorbing the energy from blasts.

Operational and functional

LCR Services is comprised of a hardworking team, which includes an engineering department that provides our customers with a fully consultative approach, as well as the conception and the design of your products according to your manufacturing needs and specifications.

LCR Services is well equipped with the right materials and equipment needed in order to provide our clients with the consistent quality of blast attenuating seat cushions, and other custom manufactured products. Take a look at our website for samples of our work and for more information, or better yet, give us a call at (602) 200-4277 and we can answer any questions you may have about our products and services.