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Cars left on a parking spot during a warm summer day can easily become too hot. As a car owner, you may want to find ways that will help keep your car stay cool. You may have to park on a shaded parking spot, keep the windows open, or use mesh sunshades. These are some of the ways that you can try to lower the temperature inside your car. Here at LCR Services, we offer car sunshades, but do these really work? Learn more about this below. 

Do car sunshades work? In a nutshell, yes it does, as it can help reduce temperatures inside the car. The particular reflective model has been effective in reflecting the sun’s rays and UV rays, while non-reflective ones can absorb them. Subsequent tests done with cars using mesh sunshades have results showing that there is an overall decrease in the interior temperature of the car, of around 30 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

How do car sunshades work?

The sunlight that enters inside the car if not reflected or absorbed by a car sunshade can increase the temperature inside your car. This can be absorbed by the car seats and dashboard, and can even cause the car to heat up faster, as when sunlight is absorbed and turns into heat, it is not capable of escaping the car. 

There are different types of sunshades. They function by absorbing or reflecting the sunlight and UV rays before it gets into the car. The type of sunshade that you choose will determine whether the sunlight will be absorbed or reflected. 

If you choose reflective sunshades, they will function by reflecting the sunlight out of the car the moment it enters the windshield. Non-reflective sunshades will absorb the sunlight after it enters the windshield. Mesh sunshades can reduce the temperature of the interior of the car and still allow you to see outside. All of these sunshades will help decrease the interior temperature of the car. 

How to install a car sunshade

For a sunshade to work, you must know which side faces out. If you use a traditional reflective sunshade, you must place it with the reflective side out while the black side will face the inside of the car. The reflective side of the sunshade will reflect the sunlight preventing a rise in car interior temperatures.

Other types of sunshades are not made from a reflective material, so they work by absorbing the sunlight when it enters the car’s windshield. Its backside is also black, which will be installed facing the inside of the car. You must always remember to place the black side of the sunshades to face the interior of the car. 

What are car sunshades made out of? 

Different materials are used in manufacturing car sunshades. Some use foam, mesh, polyester, and aluminum foil. By combining the different materials, they function by blocking the sunlight and harmful UV rays that can enter inside the car. They will help reduce the interior temperature of the car that can build up if left on its own without any protection. 

Are car sunshades effective? 

Car sunshades are effective in decreasing the interior temperature of a car by 30 degrees Fahrenheit or more, especially during hot summer days. This may also differ depending on the type of sunshade that you will use and how well it fits the windshield of the car. 

If the sunshade fits perfectly, the more it will prevent the sunlight and UV rays from going inside the car, protecting the interior of your car more effectively. So you must remember to get a well-fitted sunshade for your car. The sunshades that are available in the market vary in size and shape, so you should get one that will fit your car. You can also get it custom-made from a cut and sew company like LCR Services. 

What are the different benefits of using car sunshades?

Bring down the car’s interior temperature

The interior of the car can have increased temperatures if left outside the scorching sun. It can increase by approximately 30 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Car sunshades can help prevent the interior of the car from becoming too hot, especially during the summer months. It can also decrease the time required to make your car cooler through the car’s air conditioner. These also protect the dashboard, car seats, electronics, and other devices from damage caused by high temperatures. 

By placing a sunshade on your car’s windshield, the overall temperature of the interior of the car will be reduced significantly. This will depend on the temperature outside and how your sunshade performs. The sunshade works by reflecting or absorbing the sunlight and UV rays that can enter inside your vehicle, so your car will become cooler.  

When the light enters through the windshield or windows, the light will be absorbed inside the car and will be transformed into heat energy that will cause the car’s interior temperature to rise. When the sunlight is transformed into heat, there will be no way for it to escape; it will just be absorbed by the interior of the car. You can protect the car’s interior from extreme temperatures by preventing the formation of heat. 

Lessen cooling time

The car’s interior can be easily cooled down by the air conditioning system when you use a car sunshade. When you use a car sunshade you can reduce the amount of heat that builds up inside the car, therefore, reducing the overall time to make the car cool down. Sometimes, opening up the windows once you get inside the car can allow the heat to escape outside. It is better to prevent heat buildup in the interior of the car by using a car sunshade. 

Protect the car interior

When sunlight and UV rays enter your car through the windshield and windows, the dashboard is the one that gets damaged the most. When exposed to extremely high temperatures, the dashboard can reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This will make it too hot to touch and the heat can also radiate throughout the interior of the car. 

The extreme heat inside the car can also damage the dashboard and car seats, especially if they are made from leather seats. The dashboard will absorb the heat that enters the interior of the car, so it can easily dry out and crack easily. If you have leather seats, these will also become damaged since it is prone to drying out, cracking, and fading because of exposure to excessive heat. If you want to avoid this kind of damage, a car sunshade is highly recommended. 

Protect the electronic devices inside the car

Electronic devices are mostly programmed to work in temperatures between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is exposed to extremely high temperatures, it can easily overheat, which may result to become damaged and will need to be repaired or replaced, which can be expensive. 

Storing your electronic devices inside the car is not advisable. There are times that you have to leave them inside the car to keep them safe from overheating. In this case, a car sunshade is invaluable. Electronics are very prone to damage when exposed to high heat, and a car sunshade can go a long way to prevent this. 

What are the things to consider when searching for a car sunshade?


Car sunshades are made from high-quality materials that will reflect sunlight and are manufactured to fit most vehicles in the market. If you want custom-made car sunshades, you must get them from a cut and sew manufacturer like LCR Services. You can request designs that will suit your preference and get specific sizes that will fit your car. If you want those with UV protection, you may have to request it specifically.


There are plenty of car sunshades in the market. You must choose one that will fit your car. There are different sizes per model, while some are retractable so they can be adjusted to fit different-sized windows. The storage size of the car must also be considered if you only plan to use the car sunshades occasionally. You must choose those that are collapsible into a small and flat size which can be easily stored inside the trunk of the car or the back part of your car’s seats. 

UV Protection

UV rays are harmful rays that are present in sunlight. It can cause skin damage, wrinkles, liver spots, and even skin cancer. They can also harm the eyes, so you must consider getting UV protection when getting a car sunshade to add a layer of protection to you and your car. UV radiation can also cause damage to the dashboard, car seats, electronics, etc. 


Car sunshades are designed to block out the sunlight and UV rays which keep the interior of the car cooler. If you want to add shade to the car’s interior while driving, you can choose those models that are created for side windows and the back windshield that uses mesh fabrics. They will filter out sunlight, prevent glare, and block UV rays without affecting your ability to see outside the car. 

Car sunshades have been effective in reducing the overall temperature of the inside of the car, therefore, decreasing the time to make the car cool via the car’s air conditioner. Using car sunshades can help protect the interior of the car from harmful UV rays. It can also protect the dashboard of the car from getting splits and cracks and protect the car’s leather seats.

Dashboards can have temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit during summertime, which can cause the leather seats to dry out and fade. If the car has electronics, too much heat can cause extensive damage. It can cause the overheating of any devices that you have stored inside the car. 

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