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Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end can hurt your back. Having a seat with proper padding can do well for you, especially if you have to sit on a chair for a long time. A memory foam cushion is an option that you can consider for your seating needs. 

If you are looking for a memory foam seat cushion, then you’ve come to the right place. At LCR Services, we will be going through the different options that you have to consider when choosing a memory foam cushion to guarantee that you find the best one for your needs. 

What You Need to Know About Seat Cushions

A seat cushion is a pillow that is commonly used to increase the padding of a chair. You can use it in different types of chairs, such as car seats, armchairs, desk chairs, etc. Seat cushions function to reallocate an individual’s weight and provide padding to relieve back pain and provide comfort while sitting. 

Seat cushions are not all the same. These can be made from different materials and they often vary in their thickness and the fillings that are used. The most commonly used material is memory foam. Seat cushions also come in different shapes and sizes so you should make sure to choose one that will fit your needs. They are also used for managing posture problems or to help alleviate health issues. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using Seat Cushions?

Individuals who have lumbar problems and hip-related medical issues, such as lower back pain, notice that using seat cushions helps them to stay comfortable when they sit on a chair that provides them with lumbar support. 

They also observe that it lessens the severity of back pain that they usually experience before using seat cushions. Individuals suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis can benefit from using a quality seat cushion to help them with pain relief. Pregnant mothers can also benefit from using seat cushions as it allows them to be comfortable and be pain-free, especially with the extra weight they are carrying. 

Healthy individuals can also benefit from using seat cushions. The seat cushions can help correct bad posture and enhance circulation which also results in relieving back pain. Those who have problems sitting up straight will not be constantly bothered by their back pain and may notice that they have more energy to do other things. 

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a material made from a polymer known as polyurethane. It is quite durable and has a high density. Memory foam is formed into a foam structure which makes it an excellent material to be used for seat cushions. It offers support and relieves pressure on the back and the hips when sitting for long periods of time. 

Memory foam absorbs heat that softens and molds according to your body shape. There are different types of memory foam available in the market. These include gel-infused foam, shredded, and the traditional version – the most popular and most common memory foam. 

Gel-infused memory foam is a type of memory foam that is filled with a cooling gel that prevents it from absorbing and holding onto the individual’s body heat. Shredded memory foam is a type of material that consists of tiny pieces of memory foam which allows for better air circulation and prevents you from feeling too warm while you sit. 

Traditional memory foam is a solid block of foam cut to a shape that will fit in your seat cushion. One common issue with this type of memory foam is that it retains heat, so it can be quite uncomfortable over time as it absorbs and retains body heat.

Why Choose Memory Foam?

One of the most incredible things about memory foam is its ability to mold itself to the individual’s shape. It provides support to your body without putting weight on certain pressure points of the body. This is why memory foam is a popular choice of material to use for seat cushions, pillows, and mattresses. 

Seat cushions benefit from the molding properties of memory foam. When you use a normal cushion, all of your weight will be applied to your hipbones. This is not advisable for individuals who have arthritis, osteoporosis, or back problems. On the other hand, when you use a seat cushion with memory foam, it molds around your hipbones and will evenly distribute your weight on your entire back so that your hipbones will not feel the pressure. This makes for a more comfortable sitting experience that will not aggravate any health problems you may have.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Memory Foam?

Uses Body Heat

Memory foam is known for absorbing heat and distributing your weight evenly, making it easier to mold itself to your body’s shape more accurately. An individual’s body heat softens the memory foam which makes it viscous and allows your body to sink into it. The memory foam creates a mold of your body which helps you feel comfortable and supports the alignment of your body. 

Alleviates Pain

Memory foam is known for relieving pain on an individual’s pressure points. If you have arthritis or back pain, you can use seat cushions with memory foam. The cushion will help reduce any pressure and relieve the pain in your back. Memory foam can relieve any pressure points that can cause you any discomfort and is the perfect choice for individuals who suffer from back pain. 

What Are The Different Factors To Consider When Choosing A Memory Foam Seat Cushion?


Memory foam seat cushions have contours designed to support your thighs while sitting. This will allow you to position your thighs correctly, which is better for your posture and your spine. Some seat cushions have contour designs that help with posture problems. Other pillows help with uneven hips so that you will not be leaning towards one side while you are seated upright. Other seat cushions have contours that are designed for individuals with amputations; this will help them sit properly with ease. 


Seat cushions come in different shapes so you can easily find the right one depending on your personal preference. The most popular shape available is a wedge shape with either a flat or round edge. You can position the wedge cushion depending on your posture needs. 

Another commonly used seat cushion shape is a rounded rectangle. This type of seat cushion is a popular choice among wheelchair users. This type of pillow helps distribute weight evenly to prevent any pressure sores and helps relieve back pain from sitting for long periods of time. 


When choosing a seat cushion, you should consider how much stability it can provide you. The stability of a seat cushion determines how it moves or reacts when you sit on it. You do not want to get a pillow that will easily collapse the moment you try to sit on it. 

A good memory foam seat cushion can provide you with stability and structure. It molds itself according to an individual’s body heat and will not easily collapse or tilt when you sit on it. You can enjoy its softness without worrying about its structure and stability. 


Seat cushions vary in thickness. Thinner pillows are usually appropriate for shorter individuals. The seat cushion’s main purpose is to give extra support without pulling your feet off the floor as it can put a lot of strain on your knees. This makes it quite useful for individuals with osteoarthritis or knee problems. 

Generally, if you need extra cushion and support, a thicker pillow is highly recommended for you. As the memory foam molds to your shape, there will be extra padding between you and your chair. If you combine the thickness of a good cushion with memory foam material, you will be infinitely more comfortable, resulting in a reduction in back pain and other posture-related pains.


Memory foam seat cushions are available in different weights. The main reason for the weight differences is the density of the pillow. The heavier the seat cushion, the firmer it will be. If you want a seat cushion that will give proper support and stability, then you will need to look into a heavier cushion. 

A seat cushion’s weight can also affect how portable it will be. If you tend to travel more frequently and you want to bring your pillow on your travels, then a lighter pillow will be better suited to your needs. On the other hand, if you want your seat cushion to stay in your car, wheelchair, or office chair, you can go with a heavier one. 

If you need high-volume cut and sew products such as seat cushions made of memory foam, there are certain important factors that you need to consider, such as its thickness, stability, and support. You should make sure to choose one that is easy to care for, is lightweight, portable, easy to transport, and most importantly, you should choose one that best suits your needs. 

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