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A lot of car owners know that it is important to protect their cars from bad weather, scratches, theft, etc. A car cover is a perfect solution for this. A very useful car accessory, the car cover can be used to prevent rust, mold, and mildew, as well as provide protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays. An exposed car’s paint job is prone to damage caused by UV rays. A good car cover can protect your car from extreme weather conditions like heavy snow, hail, etc.

An Extensive Guide Into Everything You Need to Know About Car Covers

If you need a car cover, you must choose one that will meet your car’s needs. Choosing one that will work best for your car can be a chore, that’s why here at LCR Services, we will share with you vital information that you will need when choosing a car cover. If you want to avoid low-quality materials, do not buy cheap car covers.

You must opt for a customized car cover from a reliable high-volume cut and sew manufacturer like LCR Services. In this article, we will be discussing the important things to consider when getting a new car cover. Hopefully, we will be able to help you make an informed decision when you are getting a car cover for your car.

What Are the Important Things to Consider When Getting a Car Cover?

1. Quality – When getting a car cover, you must choose the one that is made from high-quality materials, so you will know that it will last longer and can withstand some beating especially in harsh weather conditions.

If you opt for a cheaper car cover, it will not last long and there will be a tendency that you will be buying car covers more frequently, therefore spending more money than you originally intended to. Choose LCR Services so you can get the best quality car cover that is worth your hard-earned money.

2. Budget – If you prefer to get a cheap car cover, don’t expect it to function well and protect your car from harsh weather such as snow and hail. However, it is also just as important to remember that an expensive item does not automatically mean that it is made from the best quality materials. If you have prepared a budget for your car, make sure to get a car cover that is worth spending on. If you can, get a customized car cover from a cut and sew manufacturer like LCR Services.

3. Size – When getting a car cover, you must choose one that fit your vehicle perfectly. If you get a large car cover, water and debris can still enter and affect your car. The cover can flap about, especially if there are strong winds. You can check your car’s measurements and let the manufacturer know before a customized car cover is created. Here at LCR Services, we can create your product according to your specifications.

When getting a car cover

4. Outdoor or Indoor – Some car covers are designed only for indoor use, others are created for the outdoors. If your vehicle is stored outside, you must get a car cover that is designed for the outdoors. An outdoor car cover will offer protection for your car and prevent water and wind to cause damage to your car’s paint.

5. Portability – A car cover can be easily used and put away for future use if it is portable and light. A bulky car cover can be quite heavy and can be difficult to use. A car cover must be lightweight and has a storage bag so it can be stored easily inside the car’s compartment.

6. Weather – If you are based in an area that experiences harsh or extreme weather conditions, you must get a car cover that can withstand heavy beating; strong winds, heavy rainfall, and snowfall. When getting a customized car cover, let the manufacturer know your specifications or requirements by considering the local climate accordingly.

What are the Advantages of Using Car Covers?

  • A car cover protects your car from pollutants and dust while stored inside the garage or a storage area.

  • A car cover protects your car from extreme weather conditions such as snow, rain, or hail.

  • A car cover can prevent possible theft.

  • Car covers are cost-effective accessories that protect your car and prevent it from experiencing problems and issues such as rust, mildew, and mold so you can save money and lessen the need for frequent car maintenance.

  • Car covers will help preserve your car’s appearance and protect it from scratches and dings. If you park your car outdoors, a car cover can protect it from animals, falling tree branches, and accidental bumps from people passing by. If you use a high-quality car cover, it can help prevent rust, mildew, and mold, which can be quite expensive to deal with.

What are the Advantages of Using Car Covers?

What Are the Different Types of Car Covers?

1. Indoor Car Covers – Indoor car covers are usually the ones that offer a low level of protection, since this type of car cover is meant for cars that are kept inside a storage facility or in a car garage. A car cover helps protect the car from dirt, dust, and water. This type of car cover is not designed for adverse weather conditions.

2. Outdoor Car Covers – Outdoor car covers are designed to protect your car from various weather conditions. Your car’s paint job can suffer and can become damaged if exposed continuously to wind and sun as well as dirt, dust, and debris from outside.

Car covers are usually equipped with straps or strings to prevent the wind from blowing the car cover away. Outdoor car covers are usually created with high-quality materials that are thicker and more resistant to water and also provide protection against the sun’s UV rays, which can cause extensive damage to your car’s paint job.

What are the Advantages of Using Car Covers?

There are also car covers that can protect the car from extreme weather conditions, they can withstand strong winds and protect the car from hailstones, etc. Some car covers are also insulated to help prevent the car from freezing up during the wintertime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are car covers safe to use?

Answer: Car covers are safe to use. They are created to protect your car and can help prevent damage to your car’s paint. Car covers are usually lightweight and can also protect your car from harsh weather conditions.

Question: Can I place the car cover in my car even when it is still wet?

Answer: It depends on the material of the car cover. If the car cover is made from a breathable material, then yes you can. Breathable fabrics will allow water to evaporate and escape into the air. This will prevent rust, mildew, and mold from forming on the car.

Question: Will car covers scratch my car’s paint?

Answer: When used correctly, car covers will not scratch your car’s paint. Before covering your vehicle, make sure to clean it by removing all the dirt and grime as it can be abrasive and cause scratches on your car’s paint.

Question: Can car covers be washed?

Answer: You can wash your car cover from time to time, especially when it gets too dirty because of tree sap, dirt, dust, bird droppings, etc. If you don’t clean your car cover and allow all the dirt to sit on it for a long time, they can also damage the car cover.

Wash your car cover by hand and use a mild detergent and lukewarm water so you will remove all the dirt and grime that have built up. Mix the water and soap and use a sponge to thoroughly wash and clean your car cover.

Question: What material is best to use for car covers?

Answer: Different materials can be used for car covers. It usually depends on the climate of the area that you live in. For example, you live in an area that barely rains, so avoid getting a waterproof car cover. If you live in a sunny climate, you can opt for a car cover that has UV protection to protect your car from excessive sun exposure.

Here Are Some of the Materials Used for Car Covers

1. Cotton – Cotton is usually utilized in the inner lining of some car covers. This material is soft and durable and will not be abrasive to your car’s paintwork. Cotton is a breathable fabric so it can allow water to escape and evaporate from your car, therefore preventing rust, mildew, and mold problems.

2. Aluminum – Some car covers have aluminum layers. This prevents sun damage by successfully reflecting UV rays. This also helps the car from overheating especially if you live in areas that have hot and dry climates. Frequent exposure to UV rays can damage your car’s paint and it can also fade it.

3. Polyethylene – Polyethylene is one of the most commonly used materials for car covers. This material is durable; it is waterproof and protects your car from water and debris. The plastic fabric can also prevent the wind from blowing it away and it can withstand strong winds and does not easily tear.
Some manufacturers use polypropylene and polyester which provides high-quality protection and provides maximum protection against bad weather conditions.


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