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When people think of ways to protect their vehicles, they often fail to consider tire protection. Like any other typical car owner, you are very much concerned about hail falling on the roof of your vehicle, scratches on your paint job, or sun damage to your vehicle. Since tires are rough and durable, you might think that they do not really need a lot of protection like the rest of your vehicle. However, if your car is just sitting around for a long time, then you might require tire covers for storage.

Your Tires Will Be Damaged by The Sun

The best place for storing your vehicle is an enclosed garage so that it can be protected from the climate. On the other hand, if your car is just sitting outside, then it might get damaged from UV rays and harsh weather. The fact is, tires actually have built-in UV protection. 

However, this is only effective when you are actually driving your vehicle. This is because the UV protectant will only rise to the surface of the tire when the vehicle is moving. For outdoor storage, you can protect your tires by purchasing high-quality storage tire covers. This can ensure that the rubber on your tires won’t break down or get damaged by the UV rays.

Recreational Vehicles Are Vulnerable Too

Most people believe that RVs or Recreational Vehicles are always on the move and are stored in a precious garage. However, some people just park their RVs outdoors for weeks. A lot of the time, they will use them just to empty the tanks. What most people are not aware of is that while their RVs are just sitting around, the tires could get damaged from the sun. In order to prevent this, you need custom RV tire covers. They do not take up too much space and are very easy to put on.

Tires are naturally built with UV resistance, but if they are not used constantly, then they will require protection from the sun. Tire covers are not expensive, and they are great for storing vehicles outdoors for a long period of time. 

Choosing the Right Tire Covers

By now you have already realized that RVs, cars, or any type of vehicle that is sitting in storage for a long time require proper tire coverage. So, which tire covers are the best ones for the job? First of all, you have to consider the environment where your car will be stored. 

Are you going to store it indoors or outdoors? If it is stored indoors, then it will be climate-controlled. However, if you are going to store it outdoors, then it will be subject to hot or cold weather. Obviously, you want your tire cover to provide your tires with protection from the UV rays from the sun, as well as from moisture, dust, or cold.

There are a variety of options that are suitable for everyone’s needs. For instance, a tire cover made of flannel-backed black vinyl can rest gently against your tires while protecting them against the harsh weather and UV rays. This option is perfect for vehicles that are stored outdoors for a long period of time. 

Another option to consider is cotton canvas tire covers. While they are lighter, they can still provide protection from the sun and other elements. They can be used outdoors, but at the same time, you can also use them for vehicles that are stored indoors. Both of these tire cover options can work for cars, RVs, trucks, trailers, motorhomes, and more.

How to Measure Your Tire Covers

Tires vary depending on the type of your vehicle, so, it is important to measure yours to guarantee you order the right cover. In order to figure out the size of the cover that will fit on your tires, you have to measure from the bottom up to the top of the tire. This will provide you with the diameter. A small tire could probably measure up to 27 inches, while a larger tire can measure up to 42 inches.

How to Install Tire Covers

Most vehicle owners fail to realize that installing tire covers is very simple and easy. This is why it is really a worthwhile investment for those who have RVs and other stored vehicles. In some cases, you might need to jack up the vehicle a little bit to install the cover. They will simply slide on your tires. Some covers come with spring steel which can snugly fit the fabric around the tire.

How to Store Your Tire Covers

If you decide to take out your vehicle for a spin, then you will have to take off the covers. You can store them in your favorite place, such as in a cabinet in your garage or in a closet in your house. However, you can also place them in the trunk of your car. Just try to remember where you store them so you can easily find them.

Keep Your Spare Tires in Good Shape with A Good Tire Cover

Spare tires are not only useful, they can also be an excellent aesthetic as well. If you want your vehicle to look more attractive, then you can consider adding a spare tire cover to your mounted spare tire. This is mostly used in off-roading vehicles such as a Jeep Wrangler. These covers can protect your spare tires from harsh weather and UV rays. 

Reasons for Buying Spare Tire Covers

Spare Tires Will be Protected from Sun Damage

Since spare tires are mounted to the vehicles, then they are exposed to UV rays which can damage and wear down the rim and rubber of your tire. Spare tire covers can block UV rays keeping them well protected.

Provide Protection from Various Elements

If your tires are frequently exposed to heat, cold, rain, wind, and dirt, then they could likely get damaged quickly. Cracks may appear in the sidewall and the rubber will weaken, making it less functional. With a spare tire cover, this damage can be prevented or reduced.

Protection Against Theft

If your spare tire is covered, then this can prevent thieves from stealing them. Hardcovers work especially well for this since they provide ample protection due to its hard-to-open latches.

Spare Tire Covers Can Be Customized

Since spare tires differ in size, then it is important that you should get the proper fit to keep your tire protected from different elements. Aside from getting the proper fit, you can usually choose to customize the materials for your cover. You have a range of different choices from a hard shell to a shiny vinyl.

What Are the Different Types of Spare Tire Covers?

Soft Covers

These covers are made from soft vinyl. They can entirely cover the front part of your spare tire while securing the back side with a rope or an elastic cord. High-quality soft covers include felt pads on the interior, providing it with added protection. The fabrics that are used for soft covers are usually weather and UV-resistant. They also come in different colors and designs so you can easily find the one that matches your vehicle. 

Hard Covers

Hard spare tire covers are tough and durable since they are made of rigid materials such as molded plastic or stainless steel. Hard covers are composed of two parts. The ring that wraps around the spare tire, securing them in place with the use of a latch or a clasp, and the faceplate which protects the front of the tire. Hard covers provide superior security and protection to your spare tire. Hard covers also look sleek on your vehicle.

Key Features of Spare Tire Covers


The materials used for spare tire covers vary. Most of these materials are UV-safe and weatherproof. Soft covers are commonly made of heavy-duty vinyl materials. On the other hand, hard shells can be a combination of hard plastic and stainless steel.

Tire Size

Size does matter!  Whether you choose to have soft covers or hard covers, it is important that they should fit properly into your spare tire. You have to make sure that you are getting the right size for your tire. In order to do this, check your tire and look for a number such as 225/75/15. This is the exact size that you need for your cover. 

Closing Mechanism

The closing mechanism will likely depend on the type of cover that you choose. Most likely, it could be a secure metal latch or an elastic band. Soft covers usually use the latter. They may also include strings that have to be tightened around the spare tire. Hardshell covers commonly use latches or clasps.

Other Considerations

Most tire covers include an inner lining. The lining used for high-quality covers is usually fleece since this can help in protecting the tire from cold and damage. This lining should have a perfect fit so that it won’t come loose.

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